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Vitamin E Cream

Lanolin Beauty 面霜是一款出色的全能羊毛脂面霜,含維生素E,適用於您的臉部和身體。

Lanolin Beauty 面霜在澳大利亞生產和製造,具有持久長效的補水保濕效果,使您的皮膚如絲般柔滑柔順。



提供100克瓶裝和80毫升旅行試管裝產品。Lanolin Beauty 面霜和其包裝均在澳大利亞製造。

Our original cream is a great all-rounder lanolin cream with vitamin E, ideal for your face and body.

Designed to support superior moisture and hydration for the skin, Lanolin Beauty Cream is proudly made in Australia and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

An outstanding lanolin cream formulated with quality lanolin oil from the wool of Australian merino sheep and vitamin E. It provides superior long-lasting hydration and also softens and revitalises the appearance of dry skin.

Lanolin Beauty Cream is ideal for all skin types.

Available in a 100g cosmetic jar and a convenient 80ml travel size tube. Lanolin Beauty Cream and ALL the packaging components are proudly Made in Australia

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