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Lanolin Beauty 身體乳是一款出色的全能羊毛脂潤膚乳,富含維生素E。

Lanolin Beauty 身體乳在澳大利亞生產和製造,具有持久長效的補水保濕效果,使您的皮膚如絲般柔滑柔順。


Lanolin Beauty 身體乳是所有皮膚類型的理想選擇。

提供100克瓶裝和80毫升旅行試管裝產品。Lanolin Beauty 身體乳和其包裝均在澳大利亞製造。

Lanolin Beauty Hand & Body Lotion is a superb all-over lanolin lotion with vitamin E ideal for your hands and body.

Designed to support superior moisture and hydration for the skin, Lanolin Beauty Hand & Body Lotion is proudly made in Australia and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

A versatile lanolin moisturising lotion formulated with quality lanolin oil from the wool of Australian merino sheep and vitamin E. It promotes the appearance of youthful-looking hands and conditions cuticles, whilst also providing superb long-lasting hydration as it softens and reinvigorates the skin.

Lanolin Beauty Hand & Body Lotion is ideal for all skin types.

Beauty Lotion and ALL the packaging components are proudly Made in Australia.

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