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Lip Balm

Lanolin Beauty潤唇膏能夠在嘴唇上形成溫和的屏障,確保嘴唇充分保濕,幫助乾燥乾裂的嘴唇保持持久水潤。


在您最喜歡的口紅之前使用Lanolin Beauty潤唇膏,打造光滑唇部基底,便於塗抹,有助於防止口紅顏色沉澱於嘴紋中。


Lanolin Beauty潤唇膏非常適合所有皮膚類型。

提供12.5毫升試管裝,易於使用。 Lanolin Beauty潤唇膏和其包裝均自豪地在澳大利亞製造。

Lanolin Beauty Lip Balm forms a gentle barrier on the lips, helps lips stay hydrated, helping chapped and dry lips remain shielded from the elements.

Formulated with quality Australian lanolin from the wool of Merino sheep, Vitamin E and other beneficial skin conditioning ingredients, this luxurious Australian Made Lip Balm assists with providing lips with moisture, shine and hydration.

Applying Lanolin Beauty Lip Balm prior to your favourite lipstick ensures a smooth texture for easy application and helps prevent colour from settling into cracks on chapped lips.

Regular use, especially in windy & cooler conditions will help keep your lips  smooth and hydrated.

Lanolin Beauty Lip Balm is ideal for all skin types.

Available in a convenient 12.5ml tube for easy application. Lanolin Beauty Lip Balm and ALL the packaging components are proudly Made in Australia.

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