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Anti Wrinkle Night Cream


Lanolin Beauty 抗皺晚霜是一種溫和滋養的羊毛脂乳霜,富含維生素E和水解膠原蛋白,非常適合在睡眠時為臉部整晚持續深層補水。



Lanolin Beauty 抗皺晚霜是所有皮膚的理想選擇。

現有100克瓶裝產品可供購買。 Lanolin Beauty抗皺晚霜和其包裝均在澳大利亞製造。

Lanolin Beauty's Night Cream is a gentle nourishing lanolin cream with vitamin E and hydrolyzed collagen, perfect for providing deep hydration to your face whilst sleeping.

Designed to help support skin’s overnight regeneration process, Lanolin Beauty Night Cream leaves skin feeling refreshed, silky smooth, supple and deeply hydrated.

A rich, delicate Australian Made night cream formulated with quality lanolin oil from the wool of Australian merino sheep, vitamin E and hydrolyzed collagen, provides excellent moisture, long-lasting hydration and quickly revitalises the appearance of dry, flaky and dehydrated skin.

Lanolin Beauty Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is ideal for all skin types.

Available in a 100g cosmetic jar. Lanolin Beauty Anti Wrinkle Night Cream and ALL the packaging components are proudly Made in Australia.

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